A diamond in the woods

Planning family vacations are never easy, especially when guests are traveling long distances. When I chose Blue ridge, Ga as our destination, I was hopefully optimistic, but realistically skeptical that selecting an unfamiliar location might be disappointing for everyone. The first night we drove along the main road to the K-6 a bumpy, narrow, off the beaten path, gravel, stomach-soaring adventure immediately put me on the defensive until I arrived at K-6. This hidden gem of a cabin lives up to the hype. The private, wrap around porches provide infinite outdoor entertaining options. You can enjoy a memorable sunrise or sunset without interruption of neighboring cabins. The layout comfortably accommodates 6 adults with split floors when couples or individuals might need some time alone. Whether you are introverted or extroverted or anywhere in between , you will enjoy the numerous spaces to get lost in a book, nature, or daydream.