Luxurious and Elegant is Holly Berry Hill Cabin

With choices of cabins for rental as abundant as the trees are surrounding them, one would think a cabin is a cabin is a cabin. Yes! But then you arrive at the Holly Berry… Even a seasoned vacationer does know that even in the best scenario, one must prepare for the unexpected, be ready to compromise on luxury, convenience, perhaps both. Vacation rentals can be overwhelming with the personal touches of their owners, cluttered with overabundant knickknacks, nauseating with thematic decor; on the other hand, some are just cold, impersonal, lacking the basic items one would desire in a particular setting. Yes! But then you arrive at the Holly Berry… This luxurious, elegantly decorated, cozy space filled with just the items you would expect and desire on a memorable vacation, truly becomes an escape, impeccably clean and tastefully cozy. The challenge now becomes to find another like it, when this one is unavailable for my next escape!