Bach Laurel letdown

My wife and I have stayed at Bach Laurel many times in the past, never had a problem. The location, off Aska Rd., was easy to get to and close to everything we enjoyed doing. The cabin was perfect for the two of us, and the ‘No Pets’ policy suited us as we don’t have pets. But as I found out, the cabin has new owners and the difference is notable. The first thing we noticed was the sulfur smell in the water, especially the hot water. We had never had that problem with this cabin in the past, so why now, I don’t know. It made for an unpleasant shower, and as far as cooking or making coffee, we used a case of bottled water we had brought with us. The other problem we had was with the Smoke Alarms, of which there were three. We began hearing the alarms going off with a three-chirp signal. All three were doing this. We suffered through the night, as this chirping would happen about every five minutes. When we contacted the office next day, they said most likely the batteries need replacing. But later, the maintenance man who came out, said that the three-chirp means one of the detectors has gone bad, and would need to be replaced. In the mean time, the breaker for the detectors was turned off, and all batteries were removed. This stopped the chirping, but now we were without smoke/carbon monoxide detectors in the cabin. Some instructions on what the smoke detector alarms mean (one chirp, three-chirp, etc.)would have helped. Finally, as we prepared to leave,check-out instructions said to put ‘all dirty dishes in dishwasher, add detergent, turn on’. The dishwasher door would not latch shut. As such, we couldn’t turn it on. We did leave a note explaining the situation. But we remember this problem from past stays in this cabin. The management was always helpful and addressed any problems we had. No problem there, but we feel the owners need to make the necessary corrections to keep the cabin worth the daily fee that is charged. Especially the smelly water.