As rated, a 5 star stay.

It was a pet friendly property and with the wrap-around porch with locking gate it surely was. The dogs could roam the porch and even enter the screened room and home with no worries of them getting away. It came with all the expected items, but a battery in the flashlight would have been nice. Initially the WIFI and the hot tub did not function. Being an engineer helped as I was able to determine that the password had been changed from what we were given, back to the default pw on the back of the router. Several back and forths with the property manager finally got the hot tub into the proper mode and it heated up enough for one night. An instruction manual for the tub would have been a huge help. It is an active area of new construction and we had daily noise from a new cabine going up nearby. The night darkness and quiet were wonderful for relaxing and sleelping. The gas fireplace worked well, but next time I will look for a property with a real wood burning fireplace. We played corn hole with the very nice equipment under the back deck. As rated, a 5 star stay. R&K